Our market is in the inslallation and maintenance in industry, in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic sectors primarily, but also in the hospitality sectors.

Hospitality, despite being a sector disparate from the others , is for us complementary and perfectly compatible. Its inclusion can make our business seem diffuse, yet ILSA has very clear aims and knows how and where it is going. We said earlier that we are what we are thanks to companies that have made us grow by placing their trust in our good work. Within these companies, with whom we have worked for decades, are hotels and chemical industries. The experience gained in each field is extensive. The idea of​ abandoning a sector like the hospitality is unthinkable for us, it would be a discordant note, so to speak, to ILSA.

To have a more comprehensive look and go more in depth into our specialities we invite you to browse our website.

Finally, note that these paragraphs have been written with the intention of being absolutely true to our principles and our phylosophy as a company. Objectives and concise.


Ilsa, Instalaciones Lorrime, SA, is an excellent company with experience in installation and maintenance in highly demanding environments such as hotels and industrial plants.

Our priority is to meet the following commitments;

1.- Satisfy the requirements and meet the expectations of customers by:

  • rigorously complying with their requirements
  • offering work to a high standard, quality installed products and a meticulous service
  • promoting efficient solutions
  • Delivering customized attention

2.- Ensure the welfare of its employees and promote their personal and professional development through:

  • respecting people
  • rigorous health and safety regulations
  • fair and equal opportunities
  • training
  • an optimal environment that promotes work-life balance.

3.- Contribute to protect the social environment through:

  • foreseeing any difficulties and implement all necessary measures to protect the social environment.
  • ensure safety in the workplace
  • create jobs and generate wealth

4.- Generate value to our partners by:

  • making the organization work efficiently
  • guarantee an absolute operational and financial integrityconveying information accurately and reliably