Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

A CMMS is simply a computer program that helps us to keep detailed control of our installations. All equipment and components of a system that may require maintenance are monitored by this software. We schedule the revisions, we specify the operations to perform and when they have to be implemented. Every incident, even if it doesn’t correspond to a scheduled operation, will be recorded by this program. This will give us a clear view of the state of our installations and equipment, and it will enable us to rigorously analyze the state of the installations. Once we have accurately configured and updated a CMMS system, we have a valuable tool that enables us to analyze our installations as a whole.

At Ilsa we work with a CMMS system. We provide our clients with an username and password so that they can keep track of any work we carry out on their premises and so that they can monitor the state of their installations at any time.