… A company established in Baix Llobregat in March 1982.

Originally located in Cornellà de Llobregat, in 2000 we moved to our current premises in Sant Vicenç dels Horts after company growth rendered the former premises too small for our daily tasks.

Since our beginnings we endeavor to achieve a market share in a variety of industrial sectors. We have always left aside the buoyant and appealing construction sector. Our aim has always been to focus our efforts on sectors such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetics and hospitality .

Today we can say with pride that we retain clients with whom we have worked for over 30 years – clients as diverse as a pharmaceutical company or an hotel chain.

These customers, for whom we only have kind words, are at the core of WHO WE ARE. Their collaboration, their queries, their needs, their deadlines, their clarity of ideas, their advice needs, etc. have made ILSA the company it is today.


  • Remain an independent company and work all together.
  • The workplace remains cheerful, interesting and stimulating, where people are valued.
  • The aim of those responsible will be to create new leaders.
  • Only achieve our goals through good and constant communication, setting clear objectives at all levels.
  • Continuously improve.
  • Continue to be a responsible company.