It is the activity with which we maintain the quality of service provided in an industry machines. The activity for which we also retain the facilities safely.

Types of maintenance:


Which is made solely by the existence of a law that requires it.


It is what takes place when there is a deficiency in the current installation and this should be corrected.


When we make efforts to avoid future breakdowns.


In keeping Ilsa conductive mean by that which encompasses all of these, normative, preventive, and corrective policy. We realized with permanent workers in the industry that we requested. We could understand it as an “outsourcing” of services by the contracting company.

The maintenance of facilities, in all its aspects, is a core activity within the industrial activity of Ilsa. The technicians and senior technicians maintenance workers are a division within our company. For us it is one of the main activities, so we give great importance to the ongoing training of our technical staff. When we undertake the maintenance of a new company is fundamental for us the technical knowledge of the installations and machines we have to care for their proper functioning.