Pigging technology is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly method of simultaneous product handling and pipework cleaning. This technology can be applied in almost all types of industry.

The pipeline contents are recovered by a special contoured plug, the “pig”, which is driven by a propellant. This method of batch separation is used in many industries for a wide variety of products. All I.S.T. pigs and stations are manufactured to the highest possible standards to ensure that optimum cleaning and emptying results are always achieved.

For detailed system designs and planning seek further advice from Ilsa or I.S.T.’s qualified project engineers and benefit from their many years of experience in this specialised field.

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer support including after-sales service to all our clients and so we recommend Ilsa or I.S.T.’s service engineers to develop the best solution for your new projects.

  • A “pigging” system allows for saving in installation costs since a single duct becomes multi-fluid without danger of cross-contamination between both fluids.
  • The savings on maintenance costs and internal pipe cleaning are ongoing. No solvents are used and product losses are reduced.
  • Internal cleaning of the filling pipes takes place each time a cycle is completed, with 100% of the product remaining in the duct being ejected at the end tank.
  • Environmentally friendly, it avoids the need for conventional water-based cleaning and the use of chemicals.

Ilsa is an approved installer of pigging systems manufactured by I.S.T. Molchtechnick, a German company established in Hamburg in 1975.

Ilsa and I.S.T. Molchtechnik form a solid and consolidated team who have collaborated closely and productively for nearly two decades. The trust and rapport between the two companies is the basis of this achievement.