A cleanroom is an enclosed workspace where environmental conditions are controlled. There are three basic parameters that define the category of a cleanroom: temperature, humidity and amount of particles in the air. There are also other important parameters in the design, such as airflow direction or cabin pressure.

Depending on the products to be treated in the cleanroom, which can be as diverse as pharmaceutical compounds or microelectronic products, the category of the cabin will be defined according to international standards. Items treated in this type of cabin are defined as contamination sensitive.

The study and installation of cleanrooms is one of our most dynamic fields. Incorporating this type of cabin is a legal requirement in production and handling processes in many sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or food. Our many years of experience give Ilsa the knowledge and the means to provide the solution that your company needs,

Whatever the level of the cleanroom and legal standards, we are able to deliver the solution.